Our Services

E-Mobility Consulting

Conducting energy savings analysis as a consequence of using alternative sources

Investment return analysis

Technical Solutions Project

Sources of funding and preparation of project documentation

Implementation project management and process monitoring

Organizing training programs

Management of commercial electro-mobility systems

We design our clients a complete billing system for el. chargers and electric vehicles

A system of credit or credit cards owned by a customer through loyalty programs

Implementation of electromotive commercialization solutions through already existing automatic payment systems

The advantage of electric vehicles is the ability to control and manage from a distance. Our IT solutions provide the ability to charge services through a lease or temporary use system

Infrastructure design and development

Depending on the client’s needs, we deliver individual items such as fast chargers, batteries for all types of electric vehicles, solar power plants, but also design the charging points ourselves


IT control and management solutions

With the use of state-of-the-art satellite tracking technologies, the location and mode of use of the vehicle can be located at any time. In this way, by using the usage method, we are able to reduce the costs of use and, based on the monitoring of the usage information, take care of property and passengers security