About Us

Evozilo doo is a Belgrade-based company specialized in providing consulting and project development services for electromobility systems, as well as the sale of electric vehicles, electric chargers and other electromobility related services.

We are registered to perform the design, supervision and consultancy activities of all types of electromobile projects. The company promotes sustainable development, environmental protection and the use of renewable energy.

Evozilo is the exclusive representative of a large number of well-known brands and manufacturers of electric vehicles. Our vehicle portfolio ranges from simple drones and bikes to heavy duty industrial vehicles. All our electric vehicles are made according to the client’s requirements and conditions of future exploitation, and many of them can be qualified for use in public transport.

We have also developed systems to help our clients effectively lease, lease, or pre-pay / post-pay.

The term commercialization means the establishment of an automated e-fleet billing system. The advantage of electric vehicles is their handling and control from a distance, as well as the application of the latest IT technologies. We have integrated in-vehicle IT components with systems used in automation of rental and billing services.